CG Capital is a capital markets development firm focused on enhancing investor awareness for small-to-midcap companies.

We align a company's strategic goals to an institution's investment thesis and fundamentals to create a sound, long-term investment objective.

  • 10%

    Market capitalization impacted by GOOD investor awareness

  • 15%

    Market capitalization impacted by POOR investor awareness

  • 65%

    Management NOT IN SYNC with investors & analysts          

Rely on Us

  • Business

    Exclusively experienced Senior Professionals dedicated to attentive, prompt service will manage your business.

  • Investment

    Our extensive network within the investment community enable us to target the right and institutions that will support your company in the open market and provide research coverage.

  • Focus

    Our capital markets experience enables us to combine equity analyst insight with non-traditional investor relations practices to build your company’s presence in the financial markets.


“Rich Cockrell is for companies seeking an experienced and effective communicator in the Investor Relations field. A consummate professional; responsive, polished, communicative, that understands large, complex, dynamically-changing global companies and articulates matters with clarity. His experience and tact make him a very solid communicator and advocate for his clients interests.”

Thomas Keresztes,

Senior Vice President / Refco Securities


Rich has a strong understanding of the investment community and has familial relationships throughout the healthcare industry. He quickly helped us take a fresh approach to communicating our story with the right audience. He has a tremendous, positive attitude and was a pleasure to work with over the past year. I would highly recommend his services to other small cap healthcare companies.

Steve Armond, Chief Financial Officer,



Rich is a very knowledgeable and capable IR consultant. He has effectively helped us position our story to the market place and has been helpful crafting an IR strategy for our firm.

David Boone, Chief Executive Officer,

American CareSource Holdings

What We Do

CG Capital’s extensive network of investor relationships within the institutional and non-institutional investment community is one of the firm’s most powerful assets. Our ability to identify and match the best investors with the right clients is where we add the most value. Focusing on the right investors, we align our clients with investors that are most likely to become shareholders.

We provide value with the following activities:

  • 33% of corporates are developing shareholders internationally...

    Executing an international,
    targeted buy-side, sell-side and retail awareness campaign that focuses on relevant valuations and liquidity.
  • Only 26% of corporates use social media actively for investor engagement...

    Enhancing investor awareness by developing and distributing equites-focused content to notable investor sites such as; Seeking Alpha, and Motley Fool.
  • 10% of corporates leverage the media for investor outreach...

    Extending awareness efforts through media placement opportunities on national networks such as; CNBC, FOX Business and Bloomberg TV.

Being descriptive about your company is different from being convincing to investors. Describing your company is easy; convincing investors is difficult. At CG Capital, we build an investment thesis that mitigates the perceived valuation risks, while outlining the potential catalysts of your company’s stock.

We Provide value with the following activities:

  • Developing an investment thesis and key messages that are consistent with corporate strategy.
  • Preparing conference call scripts and preparation tools for management complete with anticipated questions and suggested answers.
  • Drafting and editing of financial releases and other investor-related communications.

When it comes to dealing with pressing corporate or investor relations matters, such as communicating an earnings shortfall, coping with new SEC rules, or anticipating how the investment community will react to a potential M&A transaction, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide insightful counsel. The principals of CG Capital regularly engage with key members of the investment community to gauge changes in investor sentiment and to understand the investment community’s reactions to various company strategic initiatives.

Other consultative benefits include:

  • Senior-level insight into dealing with corporate investor relations issues.
  • Feedback from meetings and follow-up interviews to continuously update campaign messaging.
  • Counsel on regulatory matters (i.e. Reg FD, Sarbanes-Oxley).

The Difference

Your management team has a business to run. Most of our clients do not have the time and resources to be proactive and manage the critical, day-to-day interactions that most investors demand. Our proactive investor relations program serves as a buffer between management and their overly frequent interactions with the financial community.

We provide a timely response to the investment community on behalf of your management team, which goes a long way toward keeping investors satisfied with the attention they rightly deserve. We then follow up with immediate feedback to your management team.

The primary objective of our Capital Markets Development (CMD) initiative is to seed relevant investor interest. To ensure its efficiency and success, we monitor investor activity and money flows within our clients’ respective business sectors to identify new investors that will be the most likely to invest in your company. Our CMD initiatives provide the most effective measure in delivering results. Included in our CMD campaigns are:

  • Targeting Analytics
  • Dedicated CMD Associates
  • Proactive Marketing Materials

The Team

Rich Cockrell


Rich Cockrell has a combined 20+ years experience in investor relations and as a Wall Street analyst. He has managed Strategic Finance, Financial Planning & Analysis and Investor Relations activities at Fortune 100 and 1000 companies such as Kinetic Concepts (KCI), The Home Depot Inc., El Paso Corp., ING Americas and Motorola. It was early in his career, while an Equity Analyst with UBS, when Rich first discovered his gift for investor relations. His broad experience spans a multitude of key industries and encompasses publicly-traded, pre-IPO, high growth, under-valued and liquidity-challenged companies.

Notable Professional Accomplishments:

Managing successful refinancings of $500 million to $1 billion.

Delivering on strategic initiatives that saved over $1 billion for the world’s second largest retailer.

Successfully completed the largest IPO in Canadian history for a large insurance conglomerate.

Rich Cockrell

Dwayne Hampton

Financial Communications

Dwayne has been involved in the financial and shareholder communications industry for more than 25 years and his experience extends across multinational markets. An effective leader in critical pre-sales efforts, including RFP and client development and marketing. Dwayne also has extensive operational and program management experience in outsourced business services. His previous roles have ranged from Production Manager, Director of Operations and V.P. of Sales and Business Development.

Dwayne Hampton

Kyle Davis


Kyle has 2 years of experience performing equities research and evaluating micro-to-large cap companies in the enterprise software, semiconductor, and biotechnology sectors. He was previously trained in electrical and biomedical engineering where he researched topics spanning DRAM page retention rates to how exosomes could be applied as drug delivery vesicles for diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and atherosclerosis. Kyle is now applying his analytical mindset and leadership to the investing world where he plans to discover growth and communicate value to investors. Previously Kyle worked as an equity analyst with Cowen and Company where he assisted in covering the enterprise software sector where his experience gained will translate directly into his role here at CG Capital.

Kyle Davis

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